Add blogger website to google analytics

How to Add blogger website to google analytics

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1. Go to google search page and search for google analytics.(or click here)
  •      Open the first link on the page.

2. Click on admin on the left down corner (indicated in yellow color in picture)

3. Click on create account.

4. After clicking create account . 

  •     A create account page will open .
  •     Fill your account name (ex:blog name) .
  •     Live the recommended part as it is and click on next.

5. On next page select web and click next.

6. On next page fill your website name (ex: blog-name). 

  •        Go to your blog-click view blog

  •          Copy your website name

  •        Go back to google analytics .paste link next to http// .remember to remove               https//: from pasted website link and select https// from the box as in picture.

  •      select your industry category.
  •      select country. check all data entered.
  •      click on create.

7. After clicking create . 

  •      A terms and services page will open.
  •      Select country-check box i accept-scroll down-check box i accept.
  •      Click on i accept button.

8. You have completed creating account .

  •     After clicking i accept, admin page will open automatically.
  •     You will see a tracking id, copy the tracking id.

9. Go back to your blogger page.

  •     Select setting from the left side menu of the page.
  •     Under setting go to other.
  •     Scroll all the way down . you will see google analytics(analytics web property ID) .
  •     Paste the copied tracking ID .
  •     Click on save setting button.

10. Congratulation added your website to google analytics.

  •       Go to google analytics.
  •       Click on home and see your website traffic details.

*It may take some time to show data if your website is new .

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  1. Thank u for the interesting information its going to help a lot

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  6. I followed your step by step guide and I'm happy to tell you that I just successfully installed my Google analytics on my blog.
    But I am having trouble with choosing the right wordpress analytics plugin, all of them seem to be paid service.

    I don't know if you can recommend any for me that is easy to use and free?

    1. sorry, i cant help you with wordpress . this post might help you-

  7. amazing,thnks for the informative update